Announcing In the Works: A New Publication for Mission-Driven Founders

Help Scout was founded on the principle that there’s a more socially conscious and intentional way of doing business.

We believe that it’s possible to be successful while doing right by your community, the environment, and society at large — and we know there are plenty of other founders and small businesses who feel the same way. We even featured a few in our documentary video series “Against the Grain.”

Still, too much of the prevailing narrative focuses on similar founders and companies that follow the same paths to success. So earlier this year, a small but mighty team within Help Scout started researching, writing, designing, and building a destination for a different type of leader.

We set out to find a way to elevate the founders and small businesses who want to do something really well before doing something really big — those with unexpected backstories or atypical paths to success and the ones who prioritize authenticity over hypergrowth.

Today, we’re excited to announce In the Works: a brand new digital publication for mission-driven small businesses and founders who want to stay true to their values at every turn.

Each month, In the Works will feature fresh, new content in the form of founder stories, growth articles and resources, audio interviews, and videos. Whether you have two minutes or two hours — and whether you want to read, watch, or listen — we hope you’ll find something useful or inspiring.

The first issue, launching in August, is all about communities: finding them and building them while growing your business with purpose. We’re highlighting an awesome lineup of leaders, companies, and founders like Dulma Altan of Makelane, Julia Austin of Good for Her, Dumebi and Toby Egbuna of Chezie, and more.

If you’re excited to grow resiliently, build with empathy and grit, and learn from the stories of other entrepreneurs and leaders who are doing the same, then be sure to enter your email below to stay in the loop. We’ll let you know as soon as a new issue comes out!

Subscribe for content and updates from In the Works.

Subscribe for content and updates from In the Works.
Kristen Bryant
Kristen Bryant

Kristen Bryant is the Director of Content at Help Scout. She's a lover of sports, movies, and wine and an advocate for equity and inclusion.

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