Keeping in touch with alumni can be tedious and time-consuming for universities (why do alums seem to move so often?!). Likewise, alumni may find it difficult to stay connected with each other and their alma mater.

EverTrue makes this process seamless for both sides through mobile apps for alumni communities.


EverTrue helps colleges, independent schools and other nonprofits more effectively track and engage their alumni and donors. They achieve this through mobile networking tools, which include a location-based alumni directory and a content aggregator for the school’s publications, social media and multimedia channels.

EverTrue, a fellow TechStars company, grew from 2 to 10 employees last year. Every member of this growing team uses Help Scout to respond to email inquiries. Marketing associate Harvey Simmons answered a few questions about how Help Scout is enabling the EverTrue team to deliver great online customer service.

What do you use Help Scout for?

We use Help Scout to manage three primary types of communications: 1) existing client support, 2) new client inquiries and 3) general information requests.

What were you using before Help Scout?

Prior to Help Scout we used a combination of e-mail addresses - e.g. "info@," "support@," etc.

Why Help Scout?

We had the good fortune of getting to know the Help Scout founding team through our mutual involvement at TechStars.

We share their passion for delivering outstanding customer service, and we feel fortunate to have implemented Help Scout just as we were beginning to scale our business. The product has grown as we've grown, and we expect to be long-term customers of Help Scout.

How has it changed the way you do business?

Help Scout has not only allowed us to manage and respond to customer inquiries and new leads in a timely manner, but it also helps us analyze our response time and hold our entire team accountable, from our founding team to our newest intern.

What’s your favorite feature in Help Scout that you use the most?

We are very competitive, and that's why our favorite feature is staff reports. I can use staff reports to track who responds to the most inquiries and who is lagging behind. (Note: I've been in the lead for the last 14 days!)

Do you have a favorite customer story? One where someone on your team went over and above to deliver outstanding service?

EverTrue’s Director of Client Services, Courtney Camps, shared this recent story: We were in the final stages of launching a new client on our system, but we were having problems with their data integration. EverTrue engineer Anthony Dipasquale took it upon himself to analyze the root causes, and we discovered a duplicate record issue that had likely challenged our client for several years. We resolved the bug not only in our database, but also in the master CRM system on-campus.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give on delivering outstanding customer service?

Make customer service core to everything that you do. We try not to view customer service as a cost center, but as a revenue center by delivering decreased churn through improved customer happiness.

Customer service guides our product roadmap, engineering decisions and business development priorities. By putting the voice of our customer at the core of EverTrue, it brings clarity to many decisions we need to make each day.

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Help Scout

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