Scuba diving is big business, as Oceans HQ knows well. Over the last decade, almost a million people each year have taken courses to become certified scuba divers. This adventure is the highlight of many tourists’ vacations, with dives and trainings booked months in advance.

The organization and customer management these bookings necessitate can be a pain point for the thousands of small, locally run dive shops. This is where Oceans HQ comes to the rescue.

André Tanguy, dive instructor and co-founder of Oceans HQ, used his familiarity with these issues to create the SaaS application Dive Center HQ. It combines point-of-sale, CRM and industry-specific tools to make running a dive shop as streamlined and profitable as possible.

Oceans HQ also offers a few other simple and intuitive web applications, as well as professional consulting services. The company’s team of four uses Help Scout to keep track of the 20-plus inquiries they receive per day about their products and services. Below, André discusses how they make the most of Help Scout.

What do you use Help Scout for?

We use Help Scout to manage all email support inquiries. Since we have several products, there are a number of support mailboxes to keep on top of. Help Scout enables us to deliver customer support we're proud of.

What were you using before Help Scout?

We tried Zendesk as well as a single shared mailbox, but neither solution met our needs.

Why Help Scout?

It's easy to use and implement (we didn't need a training manual), the support is super friendly, and the service is very reliable.

How has it changed the way you do business?

Instead of having a specific person dedicated to customer support, every member of the team answers inquiries.

Help Scout enables us to provide professional, personal service to our clients and it reduces the risk of inquiries getting lost, going unanswered or getting multiple answers.

What’s your favorite feature in Help Scout that you use the most?

We have two. First, assigning tickets to different team members.

Second, we like the fact that everything is invisible—no customer logins, just responses delivered directly to customers’ inboxes.

Do you have a favorite customer story? One where someone on your team went over and above to deliver outstanding service?

There are so many stories, it's hard to pick just one.

We treat every customer as an individual, and Help Scout lets us take the time to fully engage with them one-on-one. Also, thanks to Help Scout tracking our customer inquiry history, we've been able to gain useful business insights and establish even stronger relationships with our clients.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give on delivering outstanding customer service?

Be honest, reply in a timely fashion and set realistic customer expectations.

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