Integrate Salesforce, Meet Help Scout with Help Scout

We’re excited to announce our latest integration with Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM solution.

At Help Scout, our goal is to help people build companies their customers love — and building those relationships becomes easier when you’re equipped with the right knowledge about your customers.

Data stored in Salesforce — like customer opportunities and cases — is helpful, but toggling between two screens can lose its novelty quickly. The Salesforce integration connects data where you need it most: where you’re already working with customers. Sync up all that intel, and watch your productivity go through the roof.

How it works

There are two sides to this integration: on one side, the Salesforce app pulls in data from Help Scout; on the other, the Help Scout app pulls in data (including custom fields!) from Salesforce.

Straight from the Help Scout Customer Profile sidebar, you can now see all sorts of relevant data from Salesforce.

Salesforce sidebar in Help Scout Salesforce sidebar in Help Scout

You can also view Help Scout Conversation history on four types of records in Salesforce: Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Salesforce Conversation View Help Scout conversations in Salesforce

What customers love about the integration

Alyssa Ciorciari
“The integration has been great! It looks nice in Salesforce, and pulls in old Help Scout conversations automatically. Set-up was easy — and when we did need support, the Help Scout team was responsive and effective.” Alyssa Ciorciari, User Support Manager | WayUp
Charlotte Cerf
“As a customer success manager working in Salesforce, it's really helpful to be instantly caught up on any recent or outstanding support issues when nurturing a customer relationship. With the integration, I can quickly pull out support themes right from Salesforce without having to dig around Help Scout.” Charlotte Cerf, Director of Customer Success | Abacus Labs
Tim Gusweiler
“The Salesforce integration helps us keep all of our ducks in a row - from outbound sales activity to onboarding to customer service.” Tim Gusweiler, Co-Founder | Jersey Watch

Like snowflakes, we know that no two CRM databases are alike (we promise to complete the metaphor here), so on the Salesforce Fields tab, you can select the fields to show in the Help Scout sidebar. We’ll pull in the standard Salesforce fields and your Organization’s custom fields:

Salesforce app fields


For full instruction details and the nitty-gritty on this integration, check out the Salesforce set-up guide.

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