Dear Customer Champions

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., and many of you will be catching up with family, sitting down to fantastic meals and drifting comfortably towards a post-turkey nap.

Many of you will also be dragging your laptop around to “just quickly check the queue,” or staying behind to work, so that the rest of your team can take the day off.

So we wanted to thank you, customer champions. Thank you for working weekends and holidays, for working through team events and parties and for being there even when it’s inconvenient.

Your work is appreciated, even if customers don’t always show it. Even if, at the end of a long day when there are still more questions to answer, you don’t always feel it. (And even if you are secretly happy for the excuse to avoid the annual argument with that one uncle.)

To show our thanks, we’re sharing stories from you, the Humans of Support, who bring delight to your customers every day, night, weekend, and holiday ... like today. We hope you can take a break today and enjoy these stories.

Your friends at Help Scout

Humans of Support

#HumansOfSupport is a storytelling series by Help Scout featuring support professionals sharing their experiences working in customer service. Special thanks to the folks at Support Driven for providing a community for customer champions, including their annual conference where these stories were recorded.


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Bragging rights

Going above and beyond reaches new heights when Carolyn at Buffer discovers a secret act of kindess by her teammate for a customer who really needs it.


Last-minute mic drop

Rex at Fastly makes magic happen when he finds a way to deliver on a last-minute customer request.


GIF battle

After helping a customer solve a tricky issue, CJ’s teammate at Mailchimp receives a thoughtful thank you that delights the whole company.


Taste the feeling

Sometimes you can go big with little things, which is what Mireille and her team at TED discovered when a conference attendee was missing their favorite beverage.


Team spirit

Bad days are, well, the worst. When Chase at Basecamp turned a customer’s week around, he received something even better than a thank you.

For more Humans of Support stories, you can follow the series on HelpU. Have a support story of your own to share? Send us your support story and you could be featured in our next post!
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