Introducing Against the Grain: A New Series Highlighting Values-Driven Businesses

Throughout Help Scout’s 10-year history, we’ve always been drawn to companies willing to do things people don’t expect, companies willing to shed the norms and do things their own way based on values and principles — not just looking to rip every dollar they can out of consumers.

We’ve tried to be one of these companies ourselves, whether it be through our remote-first culture since founding, B-Corp status, or one of our many other initiatives. But beyond obvious examples like Patagonia, we wanted to find other companies doing things in a similar way, caring about ideals, values, and how they do what they do — not just what they do.

So we set out to find those companies and tell their stories.

Today, we’re excited to launch Against the Grain. Starting with a three-part documentary series, we’ll feature companies who are building something greater than a balance sheet. Our manifesto guides who we look for and what types of companies we look up to.

The Against the Grain Manifesto

The path to building a high-growth, winner-take-all company is well-worn and celebrated by many.

But some entrepreneurs have a different goal in mind. What drives them forward is a fierce devotion to customer, craft, and community—a purpose beyond the profit—a mission behind the metrics.

For these businesses, something amazing happens. They thrive in the face of competition, they connect with customers through shared values, and ultimately they become wildly successful.

We’re going to tell their incredible stories. This is Against the Grain.

Our first episode features Death Wish Coffee. You may have heard of them through their strongest coffee on earth, but you probably don’t know the inside story of how a failing local coffee shop became a nationally recognized brand with raving fans and their own Super Bowl commercial.

Check out episode one of Against the Grain, and while you’re there, subscribe to be the first to see new episodes.

If this way of doing business appeals to you, join our community of business leaders in the Against the Grain Facebook group where we’re having conversations about different paths to growth and how to lead with values. We’re excited to continue this journey with you.

Alex Eaton
Alex Eaton

When he isn’t running in the mountains, Alex is helping run product launches at Help Scout, where we make excellent customer service achievable for companies of all sizes.

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