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Release Notes: Emojis, PHP Client Update + More

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

What's new

Behold! Emojis

You can now add your favorite emojis to saved replies, auto replies, mailbox signatures, and customer profile names. Almost every field in Help Scout now properly supports emojis, and we’re planning to add support for custom folders and mailbox names.

Emoji support

API: PHP client update

We’ve released a ground-up rewrite of our PHP SDK client for use with the Mailbox 2.0 API. You can check out the new version in GitHub. Bonus points: this release also includes version 1.0 of our new Laravel/Lumen adapter. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions!


Updated: Zapier

In celebration of the new year, we rounded out some new Zapier triggers and actions. When you’re ready to tinker with the updated Help Scout zaps, head over to Zapier and have at it.

  • Authorized User details — This small visual update shows you which Users are connected to Help Scout and how many zaps they’ve created.
  • Search for conversations — You can now search for specific conversations by subject, mailbox, assigned User, tags, or email address.
  • Send a new reply — Use Zapier to send a reply on an existing conversation. You can also leave it as a draft, so someone on the team can take a peek before sending the reply.
  • Add notes to conversations — You might use this along with the New Conversation trigger to look up details in a CRM, then add a note in Help Scout with additional details. Best of all, you can @mention a User in the note.
  • Create customer profiles — Create new customer profiles in Help Scout, and fill out the nitty gritty details on the customer’s profile. From social sites to notes, to job titles and cities, it’s all there.

New app: iorad

iorad is a tutorial builder that helps you to create step-by-step help or solution articles. Rather than piecing together an article one image at a time, iorad captures your clicks automatically so you can edit, annotate, then publish the finished article right to your Help Scout Docs site. Visit the iorad site to sign up and get started with the Help Scout integration.

New app: ChannelReply

ChannelReply is a messaging platform that helps you connect your eBay and Amazon marketplaces to Help Scout. Beyond simple messaging, it also shows everything you need to know about your customer’s Amazon and eBay orders right next to their conversation. You can even mark Amazon messages as “no response needed” without leaving Help Scout. If you’re interested in using ChannelReply, head here to learn more and install the app.

Updated: Capsule

We’ve updated the Capsule integration to use Capsule’s new API with OAuth 2.0, making it much more secure. We’ve also added a Sync Profile setting, which allows you to select Capsule as the single source of truth for all of your customer data. Head over to your Capsule app settings in Help Scout to update the turn on the Sync Profile option.

Customer Team Roundup 💪 ✨

In support, little things can make a big difference — even seemingly small changes can save your whole team some precious time. In this section, we highlight the maybe-overlooked (but very powerful!) changes that are making our own customer champions cheer.

Up this month: Sarah-Mei


Happy New Year! Why not start the year with a little Saved Reply clean up? A regular inventory of your Saved Replies is a great way to make sure you’re sharing accurate and up-to-date information with customers.

Some things to consider:

  • Are all hyperlinks still pointing to the right pages? Make sure the URLs you’re using are valid, so customers don’t land on a 404 page.
  • Can you find ways to improve the language?
  • Would any replies be even more helpful with an image? Check out this article for details on saving images to Saved Replies.

Tip! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start, the All Channels Report shows you a list of your most used Saved Replies. Start by reviewing your top five and edit your way through until all of your saved replies are clear, concise and helpful.

Justin Seymour
Justin Seymour

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