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Alejandro García | December 1, 2020 is a multinational ecommerce business with a presence in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal under the name Habitium.

Our product catalog contains more than 40,000 home construction and renovation products from the best brands in each country we operate in, and we’ve achieved a record of €15 million in sales. has become one of the best ecommerce businesses in our sector by using Help Scout as the nexus of our operations. Here’s how.

The 3 tools that power’s operations is powered by three tools: PrestaShop, Trello, and Help Scout.

When customers purchase a product on one of our sites, we first receive an email with all of the details of the order, including the products purchased and the customer’s address. This is an automated process, and it helps us verify that all the data is correct and to see if the customer left a note about the order.

When it’s ready, we click a button to transfer the order to the appropriate factory or distributor. This does two things: It creates a Trello card for us, and it triggers an email from Help Scout to the factory with all of the order details.

At this point, the order manager marks the order as sent, then PrestaShop tells Help Scout to send emails about the order and its status to the customer.

Finally, when the order is delivered, the manager marks the delivered option in Trello, which updates the status in PrestaShop, which sends an email through Help Scout to the customer with all the information.

Thanks to the integrations available for Trello, PrestaShop, and Help Scout, all three platforms are connected and kept in sync. We can view an order on any of the three platforms and see everything related to that order.

How uses Help Scout

When a customer contacts us with a question or issue, Help Scout shows all of the customer’s order information in its sidebar, so the order manager can easily navigate to the order to see more details.

The sidebar also shows any other conversations we’ve had with the same customer, and if the customer has emailed us multiple times, we can merge all of those emails into one.

The ability to merge conversations makes it easier for the order manager and the customer because all of the information is together in one place. Plus, the order manager can avoid wasting time answering multiple emails and, instead, focus on providing a single, effective response.

Help Scout enables order managers to see how many conversations they need to handle, and they can also see and help with other order managers’ conversations. Plus, they can use saved replies to quickly respond to frequently asked questions.

The Help Scout features we use the most

1. Tags and folders

Help Scout’s tags and folders have allowed us to assign each employee their own manufacturers, which allows them to easily divide up work. Plus, having different folders makes it easier for managers to get reports for each employee’s performance.

2. Workflows

Tags are also used for our automated workflows. For example, Saltoki is one of our brands, and we have a workflow that says, “If the conversation has been sent by an email that contains, add the Saltoki tag.”

Then we have another workflow that says, “If there is a Saltoki tag, move the conversation to Alex’s folder.” This helps us ensure that conversations get assigned to the right order managers.

Each of our workflows work in chains, and we’ve created a lot of automated workflows.

3. Mailboxes

Help Scout makes it very easy for us to move emails — without the need to forward them — between mailboxes, which is important since we have multiple stores (from different countries). It’s a great advantage and brings speed to our procedures.

4. Beacon

Finally, Help Scout’s Beacon is also a crucial tool for us at Each store has its own knowledge base, which adds a lot of value to the store. Using Beacon is very intuitive, both for us to configure and for customers who use it to find answers.

Use Help Scout to stay in touch

Tools like Help Scout, along with PrestaShop and Trello, have been invaluable for our business. The ability to communicate with our customers about their orders through these platforms has enabled us to grow into the successful business we are today.

Alejandro García

Specialized in Public Relations and with a master's degree in Corporate Communication, Alex joined the Marketing department of to support and improve the company's strategy. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.