Help Scout created the first inbox designed for collaboration, and one of our most successful tools was giving customers the ability to add notes and assign tasks and conversations to their teammates. But it wasn’t enough.

Internal notes limited some of the assignment to one person and meant creating new notes for every person.

Introducing: @mentions in Help Scout

@mentions is a new feature in Help Scout that builds on the ease of internal notes, letting you loop multiple teammates into customer Conversations.

It works like any other tagging functionality: Just type “@“ followed by the person’s name to see a dropdown of teammates:

@mentions in action

Add as many users as you’d like to an internal note to start collaborating! If you’re on the Plus plan, you can also @mention an entire team.

When will I use @mentions?

Collaborate with multiple teammates

If you agree with the adage, “Working smoothly with a few teammates is better than adding one,” you’ll see why customer SpotOn started using @mentions right away:

Simon Salomonsson At SpotOn, we love using @mentions within internal notes. We can easily assign customer conversations to other team members, and tag multiple people to collaborate cross-functionally — achieving both the transparency and collaboration that wasn’t possible when we were sharing an inbox. The best part? Our team adopted the @mentions feature instantly because it’s intuitive — it works just like the tagging tools we use in Podio (our CRM), Slack and Facebook.

— Simon Salomonsson, SpotOn CEO

Work on issues cross-functionally

If you need to ask someone in engineering or have them jump in to respond to a question, just tag them in the internal note.

@mentions example

Streamline team training

To help new employees get a feel for how team superstars navigate tricky scenarios, @mention them in a note and ask them to follow the Conversation.

@mentions example

Where to find notifications

The new in-app notifications menu is a single spot where you can view all of your Help Scout notifications. From @mentions to follow updates and new conversation updates, the new Notification Center is the place for you to capture all these updates to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

When you have a new notification, you’ll see an orange dot appear on the bell notification icon. Click the icon to open the Notifications modal, and click on each notification to open the relevant conversation in a new pop-up window.

notification dropdown

To learn more about Help Scout Notifications and Settings, check out this docs article.

What’s next?

If you’re on the Standard or Plus plan, you’re all set! @mentions are enabled in your account — you can start tagging at any time.

Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.