The ease of Gmail, with powerful context on your customers

Gmail’s filters, stars and shortcuts only get your customer support team so far. Help Scout builds on the organizational benefits of Gmail, adding rich customer history and powerful collaboration tools to make every customer interaction a personalized (and efficient) one.

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Help Scout - Customer Support Software with a Personal Touch

Conversations with context

Use Help Scout to break the cycle of jumping between your notes and inbox every time you interact with a customer. Every customer email has an auto-populated, editable profile including their entire history with your company.

  • Full Conversation History

    See every conversation you or any teammate has had with a customer, all in one place.

  • 50+ Apps and Integrations

    Build your ideal Customer Profile by connecting with any of Help Scout’s 50+ integrations.

Help Scout customer profiles

Keep the personal touch

Customer Profiles give you background so can you talk to your customers like they’re old friends. The best part? Customer Profiles are completely invisible to your customers.

Customer support with a personal touch
Customer support with a personal touch

Collaboration, not conflict

Responding from a Gmail shared inbox is easy, until more teammates are added to the mix. Help Scout built its inbox for team collaboration, with tools and features that make it easier to share, assign, and manage customer inquiries.

Smooth teamwork

See exactly who is responding to a conversation in real-time, and never collide in repeat-responses again

Internal notes

Add internal memos to collaborate with teammates. Use @Mentions to loop in everyone necessary

Shorten response time

Insert your Saved Replies in one-click to quickly handle those issues that require a standard or simple response

Tags for efficiency

Use Tags to keep track of topics, add context to messages, and run sophisticated Workflows

Help Scout Editor
Help Scout Private Notes Note Highlight
Help Scout Saved Replies Replies Dropdown
Help Scout Collision Detection Tooltip Highlight
Help Scout Taggin Tagging Highlight

Make the journey to inbox zero more efficient

The journey to inbox zero is as important as getting there. Using Workflows in Help Scout helps you on that journey, moving beyond Gmail filters to streamline processes and automate the most tedious parts of your workday.

Delight customers on the go

Help Scout for iPhone and iPad lets you manage your customer Conversations, wherever you are.

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Help Scout for iPad

Remove the guesswork:
See exactly what’s working

With Help Scout’s Reports, you can see what questions are trending, monitor customer happiness and topic trends…all without having to export a CSV file.

More about reports

Help Scout - Conversation Report

More to love about Help Scout

50+ Integrations

Help Scout integrates directly with CRM, Analytics and eCommerce platforms.

70+ Keyboard Shortcuts

Reply, add notes, edit, and complete 70+ other tasks with a single keystroke

Merge Conversations

Consolidate multiple customer emails to reply to several questions at once.

Update Conversations remotely

Respond and assign Conversations without logging into Help Scout

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