The ease of Outlook, but with superpowers

Let’s remove the friction from your shared inbox. Help Scout combines the ease of email with collaboration tools — meaning you can spend less time figuring out who responded to what, and more time getting things done.

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Help Scout - Customer Support Software with a Personal Touch

Easily manage and collaborate

Help Scout’s features make it easy to collaborate, save time, and automate actions.

Collaborate with Teammates

@mention users in notes to collaborate privately

Save time with Saved Replies

Two-click access to your most common responses.

Automate Actions

Categorize conversations or automate using tags.

Collision Detection

See who's viewing or replying to a customer in real-time

Help Scout Editor
Help Scout Private Notes Note Highlight
Help Scout Saved Replies Replies Dropdown
Help Scout Collision Detection Tooltip Highlight
Help Scout Taggin Tagging Highlight

Quickly locate your best content

In an Outlook shared inbox, all your great conversations are hidden inside email threads. Help Scout provides a fully-integrated knowledge base with Docs, where every answer can be saved and reused.

Link to articles to from the Docs search bar

Get a better understanding of your customers

Customer Profiles bring you relevant customer data, directly to your Help Scout Mailbox. For even more detail, you can integrate with your CRM and Communications tools.

  • Understand your customers better

    In the Customer Profile pane, you’ll see all the times a customer has communicated with your team — making it easier for you to respond effectively.

  • Connect all your communication

    Help Scout integrates with services like Olark and SnapEngage, so you can streamline all your communication, regardless of channel.

Help Scout customer profiles

Take the guesswork out of customer support

Stop wondering if your email response made an impact. Compared to Outlook, Help Scout provides tangible data through Reports, so you can:

  • ✔  View employee performance and customer satisfaction
  • ✔  Spot trends in frequently asked questions
  • ✔  Track how many messages your team receives
Help Scout - Conversation Report

Conquer your customer support queue with Workflows

Email filters in Outlook are only the beginning. Help Scout’s Workflows are based on if/then logic, and are as easy to set-up as filters. They get repeatable tasks out of the way, so you can focus on what’s important: helping your customers.

Examples of what you can do with Workflows:

Automate actions
Send bulk replies
Create folders

More to love about Help Scout

Collaborate with your entire team

Add as many teammates as you’d like to collaborate & answer customer support queries.

Provide contextual answers

In minutes, install Beacon on your site as a place for customers to access FAQs and submit questions.

Improve self-service

Docs is a fully-integrated knowledge base that allows your customers to them access all your best practices from any device.

Work across all screens

Check in on conversations, collaborate with your team, and get your customers the help they need, wherever you are, using the iOS Apps.

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