“We live by deadlines and responses, and Help Scout reporting helps us keep a pulse on what's going on.”

Diana Murray, Marketing and Business Development


Since ASAP Accounting and Payroll was founded 27 years ago, the aim has been to treat customers as if they’re neighbors or friends. The team started in Telluride, Colorado, where everyone knows everyone. “Someone on the street could be your customers, the person at the grocery store could be a client - so treat everyone as your friend,” says Diana Murray, Director of Marketing and Business Development at ASAP.


Almost three decades later, ASAP Accounting and Payroll now provides online accounting services and solutions and payroll processing to 800+ clients across the U.S.

“Before the days of Help Scout, we were in a lovely shared inbox in Outlook,” says Diana. “Not that it ever was confusing to the customer, but there was no real organization: Duplication of efforts if someone didn’t flag an email with the right color code.”

When Diana’s team started looking into an email program, they came across Help Scout - and liked that it was scalable.

Help Scout could service our immediate need — an email inbox — and all these other features that we could grow into.

22 Help Scout Users
250+ Docs Knowledge Base articles
27 Years in Business

Most of the day-to-day work with clients and customers is via email base — online. To be consistent with that philosophy - we’re your friend, mentor and consultant - when you’re not face to face is a great challenge. Help Scout has really helped us maintain that consistency and messaging, and still remain human and personable.

Saved Replies

Saved Replies is really key in our world. We’re dealing with explaining very complex payroll packs, or wage requirements, or laws, and for us, the Saved Replies allows us to be consistent in our answers across the board. We use that extensively, and continually built upon and changed.”

Help Scout - Saved Replies

Docs Knowledge Base

“In addition to Saved Replies saving us time, is the benefit of ASAP’s Knowledge Base. We used the knowledge base software Docs to create a Help Center where we store and update over 250 articles: from best practices articles, to a new client transition area, and, just industry standards, like how to build a business in Colorado. We’ve gotten traffic from industry best practices in search, that led users back to our site, and reached out to us for help - it’s definitely had a ripple effect for us to succeed better revenue-wise.”

Help Scout - Docs

Productivity Reports

“It’s really important to know how long items are taking to get resolved and who’s responding to most of them. In payroll, everything is immediate: when clients are emailing us, it’s usually regarding paychecks. So we live by deadlines and responses. Having Help Scout keep reporting on that helps us keep a pulse on a timely fashion.”

Help Scout - Company Report
Help Scout - Chat Report
Help Scout - Conversation Report

ASAP Accounting and Payroll’s favorite features

Mailbox Search

Use Search to pick up right where you left off - even if it was 6 months or 2 years ago

Docs Knowledge Base

Empower your customers to find answers when they need them

Productivity Report

See the number of replies sent, issues resolved and resolution time

Saved Replies

Insert canned replies in two clicks to answer common questions