“I'm so much happier now that we're using Help Scout. It's been life changing.”

Sydney Lynch, mail2 Product Support Specialist

Sydney's chatting with a client when she gets a notification on her iPhone. It's alerting her that there's a new conversation with a customer she's been working with on product updates. She quickly adds an internal note, shares it with her teammates to look into, and closes out of the app.

She's reviewed, handled, and moved on with her day – in one swipe. But for Sydney, customer support wasn't always this easy.

Sydney and the mail2 team were moving quickly. As part of a creative digital agency with 1500 users in 150 organizations all over the world, the mail2 email marketing team needed a customer support solution that moved as swiftly as they did. Unfortunately, the team's current help desk wasn't keeping up: it wasn't intuitive, sent multiple updates for each notification across the web app and mobile device, and, was in actuality, making life exponentially more difficult.

We used to spend 12 hours a day with receiving duplicate push notifications on our devices—from our watch to laptop to phone. We didn't understand why something that was supposed to help us, help our customers, had to be so complicated.

Simple solution, with powerful features

Having a powerful help desk with reporting was a non-negotiable for Sydney's team - there still needed to be a way to respond to customers efficiently and thoughtfully, without losing the human touch. and ensure there's no overlap in messaging.

With the day-to-day moving at such a rapid pace, the team had to find a solution that would satisfy their needs, but allow them to get up-and-running quickly. Help Scout's solution provided that. Once the team decided to move forward with Help Scout, they reviewed the dashboard, and all users were up-and-running in 20 minutes.

mail2's favorite features


Reduce the risk of forgetting an attachment with Help Scout's handy reminder feature.

"Getting a reminder to attach something when I've forgotten to makes me feel like Help Scout has my back, and is a part of my team — as opposed to a product we have to use."
Sydney Lynch
Sydney Lynch
mail2 Product Support Specialist
Attachment reminders in Help Scout


Users can customize notifications based on their personal preferences.

"Far and away, my favorite feature is the browser notification. I can focus on my work outside of Conversations, and not have to constantly be thinking 'did they respond yet?'"
Kelly Adrian
Kelly Adrian
mail2 Product Support Specialist
Help Scout browser notifications


You’re clearing out the queue and dominating your day-to-day — and those are milestones that should be celebrated!

"Also, I totally geek out and laugh at these little things like the inbox is clean icon - I ❤️ them!"
Jennifer McGoldrick
Jennifer McGoldrick
mail2 Product Manager
Help Scout Inbox Zero Huzzah
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Traffic Cop

Traffic cop prevents duplicate replies when teammates are working on the same conversation.

"Teammates don't have to worry that they're both replying to the same customer."
Sydney Lynch
Sydney Lynch
mail2 Product Support Specialist
Help Scout Traffic Cop

Help Scout Mobile Apps

Respond to customers on the go with Help Scout for iOS or Android.

"I love that the Help Scout app syncs to my phone - and I can look out for emergencies, even when I'm away from my desk."
Sydney Lynch
Sydney Lynch
mail2 Product Support Specialist

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