“Using Help Scout has tripled our productivity—a mix of all the features have made us more responsive to clients, while ensuring we can avoid mistakes.”

Ilya Ornatov, NW Maids Founder


NW Maids was founded to upgrade the home cleaning experience, making online booking simple, flattening rates, and offering an astounding 100% Happiness Guarantee. With a goal of perfectly-satisfied-customers the team knew that every part of the customer experience had to be flawlessly executed.

"Customer support was a game of chutes-and-ladders before working with Help Scout," says Ilya Ornatov, founder of NW Maids in Seattle. "We were always thinking about the next move individually, and couldn’t see the big picture. There was a lot of rescheduling, cancelling, and answering customer questions on a one-off basis. No one was sure what teammates were working on, or had worked on before. We had to rely on things like texting each other for additional context before replying to an email, and things were getting disorganized."

Ilya and his team needed one system that could allow everyone to organize issues as they came in, collaborate and share context across team members—while remaining human for their customers. 100% Happiness Guarantee required all of the above. Help Scout provided that system.

Adding notes to conversations and threads is incredibly helpful because of how we work.

"Our Manager, Emily, can be handling a customer email, and she can invite me to help on a reply. All of the essential information is right there, so I can read all the notes and conversations quickly to get up to speed."

Help Scout - Adding Notes

NW Maids' favorite features

Save Replies

Insert in two clicks to answer common questions

Collision Detection

Get notified instantly when someone else is editing an article


Categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows

Traffic Cop

Avoid sending duplicate replies by seeing if a teammate is already responding to a customer