“The onboarding takes literally 5 minutes, maybe 10. That matters. It’s kind of like a baton race when you’re growing quickly — the handover needs to be seamless.”

Emmanuel Quartey, Head of Growth, Paystack


When you’re pioneering in your space and growing fast, it can be hard to maintain quality customer service.

Paystack, a payment company founded by two engineers in 2016, was the first Nigerian company accepted into Y Combinator. At the time, they overcame a large obstacle for Nigerian merchants — automated, recurring online billing. Fast-forward to today: Paystack processes approximately 15% of all online transactions in Nigeria, serves over 12,000 businesses, and processes over 1 million transactions monthly.

“We’re a small team, so each person prides themselves on being able to do a lot,” explained Emmanuel Quartey, Paystack’s Head of Growth.

“Our main goal is to help our merchants be profitable, envied, and loved,” he said. “Core to that mission is our Customer Success team. We’re responsible for our customers and our customers’ customers. We know we make our merchants look good when we’re hyper-responsive.”

Scaling with efficiency and simplicity

When Paystack was starting out and growing fast, they knew they were going to need automation to scale their support efforts. The customer service solution they had been using was complicated and cobbled together.

“I never fully understood where things were in our previous system. I felt like a stranger in my own home,” said Quartey. “We had to add on services to make it work.”

Compared to other solutions they explored, Help Scout’s user interface felt much more intuitive.

It’s the simplicity that I really like. Help Scout is no less powerful, but it’s easy for our team to use. The onboarding takes literally 5 minutes, maybe 10. That matters. It’s kind of like a baton race when you’re growing quickly — the handover needs to be seamless.

Paystack’s Customer Success team is currently made up of six people, but they’re doubling in the near future. Plus, every new employee, no matter their position, spends their first week working in Customer Success. “Help Scout is the nerve center, the beating heart of our support operations. And every single person who joins Paystack can begin adding value immediately.”

Keeping customers top-of-mind with Slack

Every time a customer leaves a rating, the whole company can see it in a Slack channel. “We like this kind of visibility,” Quartey explained. “Our support people shouldn’t be the only ones receiving that direct feedback.” As a team, on Tuesdays, they open up all the ratings from the week before and read each one.

Mastering support metrics

Quartey noted that their team keeps a close eye on time of first response and the Happiness report. “We care about those excessively. Our metrics matter so much that they’re part of our recurring OKR goal-setting meetings.”

Help Scout - Happiness Reports

There’s something about how Help Scout does analytics. I could understand what was happening right away — there was a sense of immediate mastery.

“I think there’s such a thing as a Help Scout business,” Quartey said. “They’re not overly concerned with what’s hip or what’s happening. Instead, they care more about customer relationships. They truly care about that deeply. We like to say the same thing about merchants who use Paystack.”

Paystack's favorite features

Happiness Report

Aggregate customer ratings for a snapshot of your customers’ experience.

Slack Icon

Slack Integration

Instantly post Help Scout events to the Slack channel of your choice.

Saved Replies

Quickly tackle common issues that require a standard response.

Zapier Integration

Integrate Help Scout with hundreds of apps in minutes.