“How do you formalize support without compromising the quality of service?”

Simon Salomonsson of SpotOn had a vision and found an answer.


It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, Simon Salomonsson and his team were a group of three. As the company quickly grew, it became obvious that they needed a tool that would grow, too.

As CEO of SpotOn Marketing, a specialist in online marketing for local businesses, Simon saw an opportunity to formalize the customer support for his growing team.

At SpotOn, we strive to create long-lasting relationships with over 500 clients, which is why our Customer Success department sits in the heart of sales and customer onboarding. As our team grew from 3 to 30, I knew I couldn’t be involved in every single conversation, and needed a solution that would scale well.

Outgrowing the shared inbox

To solve for an increase in email and customer support queries, SpotOn began fielding questions from a shared inbox. As the queue started to fill rapidly, the team had issues in transparency and potential redundancy: not knowing when another team member was working on a project and difficulty collaborating on customer responses.

Growing customer support, without compromising service

The SpotOn team was trained and up-and-running within a week. And, best of all: they didn’t have to sacrifice a human, personalized, customer support experience for a scalable solution.

3 Total Mailboxes
Standard Current Plan
27 Users

The functionality built on the ease of email is great, and the features included make it much more malleable: we can see exactly who’s responding to customers, share internal notes, and use workflows and tags to work more efficiently.

Help Scout - Customer Conversation

As a CEO, I love looking at the Reports: I can see the time it takes to resolve a Conversation, who’s responding to customers quickly, and who needs a bit more assistance.

Help Scout - Company Report
Help Scout - Chat Report
Help Scout - Conversation Report

"The transparency is invaluable: it helps both on the customer support front, and the coaching front, when I think about how to set up my team best for success."

SpotOn’s favorite features


Use @mentions within internal notes to easily collaborate across teams

Slack Icon

Slack Integration

Post events from Help Scout, like new conversations, instantly to any Slack channel


Use tags to keep track of topics, add context to messages, and run workflows

Traffic Cop

Avoid sending duplicate replies by seeing if a teammate is already responding to a customer