“Help Scout has helped us keep the personal touch with customers, where other help desks couldn’t.”

Jeff Sheldon, Founder


“Why is it so difficult to find high-quality, unique items in a modern aesthetic?”

Jeff Sheldon asked this question years ago, feeling that the design culture was lacking in minimalism. Equipped with his love for design and clean aesthetics, he began brainstorming design ideas. After a few months, Jeff launched a series of his favorites as a new brand: Ugmonk.

By August 2008, he had 4 designs and 200 shirts ready for sale. This initial batch sold out quickly, and Jeff continued to work closely on refining and extending the brand. One year later he released the And Then I Woke Up t-shirt, which remains one of the Ugmonk’s best-selling designs.

As the Ugmonk brand continued to grow — later moving into a larger product line underscored by the utmost attention to detail and design — Jeff’s goal has remained the same: keep the brand accessible to customers and friends.

We’ve never wanted to lose the personal feel as we’ve grown as a company. When it came to deciding on a help desk, we felt like other customer service solutions were adding a layer between us as the customer, so we went back to using email: it helped us stay human and simple. Once we realized that Help Scout didn’t add the robotic feel of other help desks, we knew it was the right fit for us.

While the scale had dramatically increased since the start of the company, now spanning orders in over 67 countries, Jeff held the product quality, and customer experience, close to his heart.

2008 Year Founded
4 Users on Help Scout
67 Countries Shipped To

Shopify Integration

"The most frequent question from customers is about their orders. On email, it was just plain text, so we’d have to open Shopify separately, do some digging, and make sure the accounts lined up. In Help Scout, we have all the right information, right within that customer’s conversation pane.”

The Shopify integration alone has saved so much time — we immediately know that the order history is tied to the correct customer account, and we can reference it as we respond.

Help Scout - Shopify


“I try not to jump in on a lot of emails that I don’t need to be involved in. My team and I will add notes to each other, assign them, and use it as the internal email communication, rather than me having to getting involved and filtering all through the customer service."

Help Scout - Notes

Ugmonk’s favorite features

Shopify Integration

See up to 10 of your customer’s most recent orders in the customer sidebar


Collaborate or @mention to tag teammates behind the scenes


Categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows

Multiple Mailboxes

Help your team manage all your shared email addresses from a single account