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We publish helpful, well-researched articles about company culture, customer experience, brand and design, remote work, and thoughtful approaches to business growth. ​​If you’re an experienced writer, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our approach

We strive to elevate the field of customer service by producing high-quality, well-researched, actionable content (no surface-level, keyword-stuffed pieces that waste anyone’s time). Everything we produce is the result of time, effort, and intentionality from subject matter experts with a relentless dedication to quality.

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Our audience

The Help Scout blog is the premier destination for customer support teams, CEOs, and thought leaders—our content reaches 350,000 monthly readers.

What others are saying

Help Scout's blog is one of the most valuable resources for customer experience professionals on the internet. Their editors are professional and kind, and anyone who works with them benefits from the experience of collaborating with the greats.

Mercer Smith-Looper

Working with Help Scout's marketing team has made me a better writer, and it has also produced a number of valuable referrals to our own agency’s website. If you have the opportunity to publish with Help Scout, don’t hesitate!

Sarah Chambers

My favorite aspects of writing for Help Scout are their attention to detail and the push to do your best work. The team is highly engaged in the content. Reviews are very thorough and candid, while at the same time maintaining your unique ideas and perspective.

Craig Stoss

Help Scout's blog is one of my favorite publications to write for. Collaborating with the team is a dream. I can't think of a better investment of my time or a greater group of people to work with.

Liz Wellington

Traits of a successful Help Scout article

  • The content should be unique and actionable. Aim for something you haven’t heard before.
  • 2000+ words submitted in an editable Google Doc (edit access on).
  • Feel free to include images and videos directly in the Google Doc (if not yours, please provide the source).
  • Include a bio (one or two sentences) with an image (minimum 250 x 250).

Technical guidelines

  • No more than two relevant links to your site in the article.
  • Article needs to be centered around one search keyword.
  • Spell-checked and fact-checked, with sources cited (link to them) to back up arguments.
  • We might make edits as we see fit to conform with our style. We will remove any copy we view as self-promotional.

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Our team will work with you directly on the content, but generally, it takes 4-6 weeks from start to publish.
We do not publish content that is published elsewhere online. All guest posts must be unique.
We will provide the main blog post image, but feel free to include additional design assets.