Integrate AgileCRM with Help Scout

Manage Help Scout conversations straight from Agile CRM

Help Scout

Legacy This integration uses legacy Mailbox API 1.0 and support ended on June 6, 2019. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Agile CRM is CRM software with sales and marketing automation for small businesses. Integrating Agile CRM with Help Scout gives you the ability to respond to customer inquiries where you keep important customer relationship information: within the Agile CRM platform.

By using the Agile CRM integration, you avoid having to constantly toggle between two systems to respond to customers. Your Help Scout customer conversation history and key customer relationship data are brought together in your Agile dashboard.

Help Scout - AgileCRM integration Example of AgileCRM with Help Scout Integration

Straight from Agile CRM, you can now:

  • Create new Help Scout customer Conversations
  • Add relevant tags to Conversations
  • View Contact conversation history

Already have Help Scout? Check out Agile CRM’s great video on how to get started.

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