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One of our challenges at Deadline Funnel has always been user onboarding and support, because we integrate with almost every email provider and landing page builder.

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In the past, we tried creating comprehensive articles in our knowledge base software that covered each specific use case. For example, “How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with ActiveCampaign and LeadPages.” Over time as each platform changed, we had to continue revisiting each one of these long articles to keep them up to date.

Categorizing your knowledge base

The lesson that our team learned was that it was easier to identify and create categories for the high-level steps, then create individual articles for each platform we integrate with underneath, instead of one long article covering all of them. (Dividing a complex task into a series of smaller tasks is a key component of the agile methodology.)

The five steps that we created categories for were:

  1. API Integration
  2. Landing Page
  3. Email Code
  4. Expiring Links
  5. Testing

Under each category, we created articles covering each step listed under relevant categories for each platform we integrate with, simplifying the experience for both our support team and our users.

Whenever a customer emailed with a question, instead of sending them a link to a long knowledge base article with a note to scroll to the appropriate section, our team was able to send a link to an article that explained the exact step the user was having trouble with.

Step-by-step guide and API integration

Our engineering team took it a step further by building out an internal guide that any logged-in user could access, by taking advantage of the Docs API in our Laravel application.

When a user visits the guide, they’re presented with two questions:

  1. What landing page builder do you use?
  2. What email provider do you use?

Based on their answers to both questions, the next screen populates all five steps for them with docs specific to the web and email platforms their company uses.

We’ve even incorporated the link to the guide in our initial onboarding emails, so when users are ready to begin setup they can quickly see all of the necessary steps in one place.

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Anthony Xiques

Anthony Xiques

Anthony is the Product manager at Deadline Funnel, a marketing funnel automation software that creates deadlines personalized to each visitor. Reach out on LinkedIn.