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Integrating external data and systems into your help desk gives your team the context and information they need to provide better service to your customers.

Integrate for improved responsiveness

Integrating with Slack can notify your support channel when an urgent case comes into the queue, linking your team directly to the conversation.

Integrate for added context

Connecting your help desk with your CRM (such as Capsule) or your internal database gives your team a broader view of the customer they are helping. How long have they been a customer? Are they a VIP? Have they had issues before? Do they prefer email or chat?

Integrate for product development

Connect your help desk with your issue report system to attach customer cases to bug reports and feature requests. This way you keep your product team well informed, and you’re backing up change requests with real customer data.

You can also then get back to customers with the good news that the feature they wanted has launched or the bug has been fixed.

Refer to your help desk’s integration page for built in possibilities, but also check out third party integrators like Zapier who make hundreds of new integrations possible.

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Davida Fernandez

Davida Fernandez

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