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Internal notes are great for sharing context around a customer conversation. However, leveraging your help desk automation to surface docs and resources related to a conversation will make your support team more efficient (no more digging through an internal wiki), and turns notes into an even more powerful resource for your support team.

Power-up Your Notes with Workflows

Set a condition for an automation within your help desk that makes the most sense for your workflow.


For example, you can set a condition for a help desk automation that creates an internal note any time “Slack integration” is mentioned in the body of a conversation. The internal note generated could provide links to related internal wiki articles, best practices for handling integration-based inquiries, and other related resources.

With a few saved replies created and the automated internal note containing relevant resources, support teams can quickly and effectively pass along more comprehensive and helpful details to customers. Not to mention, less time to spend trying to find the right resources!

Workflow Pro Tips

  • Keep the note short and sweet, otherwise it will be more cumbersome than helpful
  • Set time aside each month to refresh the workflows and tickets, making sure relevant resources are being passed in each note
  • Use internal metrics to see how often specific workflows are being used - the more often, the more likely added attention is needed for those specific topics and resources.

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