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Dream Job

My career began in support at University of Illinois doing customer support for students, parents, retirees, and staff members, covering hundreds of different products.

I was still a student when I started, and I loved it. My dream was to do that job full time after graduation. The university told me that if I stayed on past graduation, they would make me a supervisor, work full time with benefits and a salary, etc. I was totally in!

However, when I graduated and they said, ”Well don’t actually have a position open, so why don’t you be an academic hourly for a while.” I thought, “Alright, sure.” But then they hired three new support managers full time without letting me know that position was open.

I was so frustrated! I thought, “Ok, there’s nothing here for me, no way of moving up. There’s no career path for being a support tech.”

So I left that job and started thinking about what I did want. I wanted to work remotely, I wanted to work with computers, and I knew a little bit about HTML/CSS, so I decided to become a web developer. After bouncing around from job to job, I realized I kind of liked being a developer, but not really. I didn’t feel as much passion for the job as I did for technical customer support.

In 2014, I discovered the Support Driven community, and that’s when I realized there were actually jobs out there for people to be full time customer support professionals. Many had the qualities I was looking for: High-paying, good benefits, and focused on helping people, rather than pushing you to be an engineer or developer. And a lot of them were remote!

Three years later, I have a remote position with Github! I never thought I’d be here, and I am SO happy!

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Pat East

Pat East

Pat is an Enterprise Support Agent on GitHub’s Premium Support team. When not working, he spends most of his time creating in the kitchen and helping others with personal and professional development goals. Find him on Twitter.