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Social Support

My name is Jason and I lead our support efforts here at Figma, a web based UI design tool. Prior to Figma, I worked for Flipboard, a social magazine app.

At Flipboard, users can follow their favorite news feeds, social networks, and blogs all in one place. Flipboard works with lots of amazing partners and publisher to optimize their content for Flipboard.

Our team handled day-to-day social media support and one day there was a tweet from a user from a international publication I was not familiar with. They were reaching out to see if Flipboard would be interested in a partnership to get their content into the app.

In my haste to get through a backlog of work, I replied something like, “We’re always looking to onboard new publishing partners. I’ll pass your message to our publishing team.” About 20 minutes later I noticed a re-tweet of my reply to that publisher, from a journalist. They wrote: “Looks like Flipboard is considering partnering with an ISIS publication.”

I panicked, found the initial tweet, Googled “Dabiq” and realized they were in fact a publisher we would never have engaged. I had to loop in our Head of PR who did some more research into the matter. Ultimately the journalist who re-tweeted my reply, was not too widely followed, and the decision was made to not take any additional action. It blew over, but….what a close call!

Lesson learned: Social support can be dangerously visible. Be mindful. Take the extra minute to doublecheck before you tweet. Macros/saved replies are handy, and 2nd nature sometimes. But going on autopilot can backfire and have consequences.

Jason Pearson

Jason Pearson

Jason is Head of support Figma Design, and is a self-described recovering multi-tasker who is into yoga, bikes, hikes, and strong coffee. Connect with him on LinkedIn.