#HumansOfSupport is a storytelling series by Help Scout featuring support professionals sharing their experiences working in customer service.
Michael Jordan Support

Providing support for Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app, means that we are often dealing with customers in their most vulnerable state. Dating is hard. One of our members wrote a very lengthy email to support, highlighting several features in our product that he believed were prohibiting him from getting a match. I blamed not having a boyfriend in high school on the fact that I didn’t have an older brother (?). So, I get it.

We’ve got some saved replies for this type of email, but this guy mentioned being genuinely interested in why we made these product decisions and said that he wouldn’t blame us if we made decisions based on revenue because, as he put it, “Who am I to criticize a private company? Bernie Sanders?” Okay, that made me laugh.

I decided to match his lengthy email with an even lengthier one. I sent him stats from our surveys and comments from users to let him know what made us confident in our choices. I explained how our algorithm worked and dispelled some assumptions. I told him we’re here to help, not to make dating harder, and all our decisions are made to meet that end. Then I added, “lol Bernie Sanders,” and thanked him for making me laugh.

I was expecting another long list of follow-ups and maybe a few holes poked in my explanations, but instead he got back with a brief reply: “That may be the Michael Jordan of responses related to customer service.” Swish. I keep this pending in my inbox so I can see it everyday and remember to live up to this expectation. We all deserve Michael Jordan-level customer support.

Melissa Rosen

Melissa Rosen

Melissa is Head of Customer Experience at Coffee Meets Bagel, a highly curated dating service where women decide which interested men are able to contact them.