Why Help Scout?

Help Scout is designed for what you care about most: customer happiness.

Help Scout products and training

Your brand is special. You invest countless hours making it one that’s compelling to people. You’ve earned their trust. It’s important that every touch point with your customers be a delightful one. That’s where Help Scout comes in.

Customer experience comes first

We created Help Scout because a typical help desk makes customers weave through a maze of customer portals, ticket numbers and unhelpful automations to get what they need. That may reduce your support volume, but it comes at the expense of frustrated customers.

Help Scout is carefully crafted for a great customer experience, so none of the typical help desk obstructions exist. All our effort goes into making software that gives your team all the scale and efficiency of a help desk, but with a seamless customer experience.

Managers are super human with Help Scout

As a manager, you’ve got several things to stay on top of. We’ll make sure your help desk isn’t one of them. Training new employees is a short and simple process; we’ll even help you do it for free.

Preparing for a one-on-one meeting? Working on next month’s schedule? Help Scout’s reports do the work for you. Every metric that matters to your support team is available in the reports. You can even drill down on conversation-level specifics to provide useful feedback with minimal effort.

Know your customer, provide better support

We’ve learned that context is the most important factor in delivering a great experience, which is why customer profiles are a big part of Help Scout. The more you know about the customer and their relationship with your company, the more helpful and efficient you can be.

Conversation history is always a click away, as is information about the customer. Thanks to 40+ integrations with other services, you can pull in customer activity from other apps as well in seconds. Without the right context at the right time your support team might get lost ... but Help Scout gives you a compass.

Everything in one place

Between the Shared Inbox, Docs and Beacon, your support team has powerful tools to provide customers with a great support experience all under one roof. In addition, Help Scout is designed to support multiple brands, teams, products or websites from a single account.

Help Desk

Customer support software with a personal touch

Self-service content for your team and customers


A knowledge base that works beautifully on any device

Add Docs content to your website in minutes


A contact form you can install on any web page

Seamless one-on-one communication at scale

Help Scout has all sorts of great features, but at the end of the day it’s about a quality experience for your team and customers. That’s exactly why you should try Help Scout.

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