We launched two big productivity boosters to the customer sidebar today:

Quick Customer Edit

When you click a customer's name in the conversation sidebar, rather than loading the full profile it now launches a quick edit window. From here you can make a few quick changes, add some notes, save and get right back to it.

Edit Customer

Change the Customer

This is a big one! Let's say you get an email from noreply@domain.com and want to associate it with a customer. Simply hit the change customer link in the sidebar. The modal window will make some suggestions, or you can search for a customer by name or email. If the conversation is with a new customer, you can create a profile for them right there.

Change Customer

Have any questions about the new features? Feel free to send us a tweet or an email.

Nick Francis

Nick Francis

Nick is co-founder and CEO of Help Scout, where he is on a mission to make every customer service interaction a more human one. He lives and breathes product design, customer experience, and building a thoughtful, thriving company.