Skill-Building Course

Foundations of
Great Service

Learn the building blocks for reliable, high quality customer experiences, and how to put those pieces together, in this free six-part course.

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What we’ll cover

Class 1

Discovering your customer service vision and values

Explore the three essential elements for creating your specific customer service standard.

Class 2

Picking the right support tools

A step-by-step guide to selecting and testing a customer service platform to help you deliver great service.

Class 3

Hiring the perfect customer service team

Understand the skills and attitudes you’ll need and how to find and select the best candidates.

Class 4

Investing in self-service

Why self-service matters, and how to build effective self-service options your customers will want to use.

Class 5

Measuring the right data

Learn how to use reporting tools to better understand your customers, and your business.

Class 6

Building a customer-centric culture

Looking beyond the customer service department to embed customer at the heart of your business.

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