Help Scout Classes

Free training from the Help Scout team.

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Kristi Thompson
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Liam Doherty
Hosted by the Customers Team

Live Product Walkthrough

Curious about Help Scout? Get a full tour of the app, see how it can help you manage all of your customer communications, and have all your questions answered live by our support team.

AI in Help Scout

Want to see how all of Help Scout's AI tools can give you an extra hand when taking care of customers? Join us for a look into all of the different ways AI can help in your inbox.

Don’t have time to catch us live?

Check out our jumpstart videos, in-depth Help Scout walkthroughs, and best practice deep-dives to level up your support game!

Getting Started with Help Scout

Get a full tour of Help Scout: mailboxes, knowledge base, and live chat. We cover it all.

Docs in Help Scout

Learn more about Docs in Help Scout, and see just how quickly you can get a live knowledge base up and running.

Beacon & Messages

Get a walk-through of your Beacon settings and learn how to provide instant, inline answers, recommend answers and much more.

Productivity Tools in Help Scout

Learn how automation tools in Help Scout can help your team save time and offer even better support to your customers

Leveraging Beacon API

Learn how to update customer profile and custom attributes, segment your customers and prospects, and get custom snippets for popular actions.

Help Scout for Education

Gmail and Outlook work for individual email, but not for managing communications at a school or university. Need something that looks like an inbox, but is much more powerful? Check out Help Scout.

Using the Help Scout API

Custom reporting, specialized integrations, and advanced automations are just some of the things you can do with our API.

Integrate with Salesforce + Jira

Learn how to share CRM and conversation information between Salesforce and Help Scout, and sync up your Jira issue tracking.

Get started with Help Scout

Want to learn what Help Scout can do for you? See for yourself with a free trial — we'll happily extend you if you need more time.