Build better relationships with Messages

Promote new initiatives, update customers on key happenings, and proactively support those who need it by sending Messages from Beacon.

Flexible messaging for a better customer experience

With Help Scout, you can offer email, live chat, and a help center to let customers come to you to get answers, or you can anticipate your customers’ needs and provide proactive value via Messages.


Highlight your newest initiatives across teams including marketing campaigns, product launches, sales, and discounts.


Share important company news and announce relevant changes for customers to keep them in the loop and prevent unwanted surprises.

Proactively support

Reach out to specific segments of customers you know need help, onboard new users, or start conversations with trialing customers.

What are Messages?

Relationships, built

We use Messages on both our B2B and B2C sides of the business for Beta testing, support, and on our website. We appreciate the clear metrics and means to evaluate what is working most effectively.
Jess Vyvial-Larson

Jess Vyvial-LarsonDirector of Client Services

We use Events in Messages to target specific pages for each message and link directly to our Docs articles, allowing our users to get up to speed on our newest features as quickly as possible.
Cecile Franke

Cecile FrankeDirector of Client Success

Messages is one of the key tools in our support toolkit. Different team members send messages based on specific needs, and we’ve used it for contextual onboarding, downtime or bug alerts, and to gather product feedback.
Kirsty Kearney-Greig

Kirsty Kearney-GreigHead of Product

Messages allow us to communicate clearly, quickly, and relevantly to what our customer needs on that page to ensure they are getting the best support we can offer without answering repetitive questions.
Jess Vyvial-Larson

Jess Vyvial-LarsonDirector of Client Services

Many of our clients spend more time working in WeInfuse on a daily basis than they do in their e-mail inbox, so having a direct line to them through Messages has been a huge help.
Cecile Franke

Cecile FrankeDirector of Client Success


How Messages Work

Use the customer properties you track in Help Scout to send targeted messages to the right people, at the right time. Messages works together with your customer information to give you more power over the customer experience.

Make your messages pop with links, bold, offer CTAs, images, and more to drive more interaction with your customers. Offer them multiple ways to engage including links to docs, websites, or even to start a chat with your team

Track views and clicks on your messages over time to see what’s working and what your customers like hearing about.

The Messages dashboard gives you a complete view of all messages across Beacons, your monthly message usage, and reporting to keep everything centralized and organized.

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A complete support solution

Combine Messages with your shared inbox, live chat, and help center to meet customers where they need help, or create a great customer experience without them needing to reach out. All this along with complete collaboration tools, your customer data, integrating with your tech stack, and reporting to keep improving in one platform.


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