The all-inclusive conversation destination

Relax, everything you need to manage all of your conversations is available in Help Scout. You’ll be basking in the glow of inbox zero in no time.


Our customers’ CSAT scores are 25% higher than the industry average.


Respond to 56% more customer messages in the first year.


Resolve 36% more emails when you use our AI features


Handle 4x as many conversations with our automation tools

Unbox the best inbox

You won’t have to dig yourself out of this queue. With our simple-yet-powerful inbox, you’ll be prepared to answer whatever comes your way.

Channels you won’t have to flip through

Multi-task without the “multi” part. Bring email, social, live chat, and voice conversations together so you can work faster.

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Made for the whole team

The customer experience doesn’t end with support. Bring all of your teams into the fold.

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Reporting that tells all

Measure more than just wait times with reports that show everything.

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Integrations that connect

Dial in your data in when you connect Help Scout to your current tech stack.

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Collaborate like a champ

Get to work (together) with features built with teams in mind.

  • Give assignments

    Make sure every message gets seen. Conversations are easy to assign to individuals and teams.

  • Note the important deets

    Don’t make a guess. Use private notes to collaborate so you can get on the same page—before you respond.

  • Summarize with AI

    Tired of reading long email threads? We get it. Let AI condense all that context for you with the click of a button.

  • Prevent stepping on toes

    Real-time collision detection shows when someone else is viewing or replying to a request.


It’s okay to be a know-it-all

When you have the information you need at your fingertips, it’s easy to provide the most accurate response every time.

AI assist can improve your replies by helping with your tone, length, and more.

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With saved replies, you can always pull in the best answers to your FAQs.

We automatically create customer profiles, so you always know who you’re talking with.

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As you’re working on a conversation, easily insert help content without leaving the inbox.

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An inbox that sparks joy

Say buh-bye to busy work

Use workflows to bring order to all your customer chaos.


With Help Scout, nothing slips through the cracks anymore.

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