Increase Productivity with Automation

Learn how Help Scout features like workflows, saved replies, and tags can help you spend less time managing your inbox and more time on the tasks that matter to you.

Workflows, Saved Replies, and Tags

Automation tools like workflows paired with tags and saved replies can help your team save loads of time, and be as efficient as possible.

Diagram showing how Workflows allow the creation of automation for tasks like adding tags and assigning to users based on keywords.

Automate your busy work

It's easy to get bogged down by repetitive tasks and a crowded inbox. Help Scout saves you time and lets your team focus on what's really important - your customers.

Save time with Saved Replies

While some customer questions are one of a kind, there are probably a few that come up more often. With Saved Replies, you can send out personalized responses to FAQs with just a few clicks.

Screenshot showing the Saved Replies option in the conversation options

Get organized with Tags

Tags help you stay on top of issues, categorize conversations for reporting, and let you know where you might need to update help content.

workflows and tags in help scout

Want to learn more?

Check out our help docs to learn more about workflows, saved replies, and tags and how they can help you take your conversation management to the next level.