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Drown out the noise and make your inbox sing. With smart features built for collaboration, everyone can stay on the same page and no one will miss a beat.

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Everyone and everything
working in perfect harmony

Make sure all your conversations end up in the right place with both individual and team assignments. 


Tag in your team using mentions to make it super clear who needs to jump in and help. 


Don’t double up your work. See who’s working on what conversation so you don’t step on each other’s toes.


Private notes help you get input, share updates, and generally work a whole lot better as a team, without any fuss.


Being able to view previous conversations helps you get up-to-speed, without getting up-to-your-ears in work.  


Get through the lengthiest of conversations when you let AI summarize them into a few bullet points. Now it only takes seconds to get caught up. 


Keep the team in sync

Orchestration for organization

  • Tags to get things going

    Get a sense of what’s important with a glance. Categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger workflows based on the tags you set.

  • Workflows to work faster

    When your inbox is overflowing, workflows can help things flow. Just automate repetitive tasks so you can keep response times low.

  • Folders for sorting it all

    Keep things in order without having to manually review everything in your queue. Folders work to keep everything in its place so you can find it fast.

  • Inboxes for everyone

    With multiple inboxes, you can keep certain tasks and conversations separate and still have access to the information you need. 

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