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Make every customer feel like your most important one

Help Scout lists customer data, previous conversations, and app activity alongside every support request so you can deliver faster, more personalized support.

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Send better replies in less time

Gone are the days of shuffling through other systems to find customer relationship data. In Help Scout, previous conversations and activity from other apps are front and center.

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Find, sort, manage in one place

Every person you’ve talked with or identified in Beacon has a profile in Help Scout. You can sort, filter, and edit customer profiles at any time.

Auto-update customer 
data with Beacon

Automatically log pertinent customer details to the Help Scout sidebar with a few lines of code added to your Beacon implementation.

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Beacon("identify", {
  name: "Samantha Aoki",
  email: "",
  company: "Aoki Media",
  jobTitle: "Event Coordinator",
let user = HSBeaconUser() = "Samantha Aoki" = ""
user.addAttribute(withKey: "company", value: "Aoki Media")
user.addAttribute(withKey: "jobTitle", value: "Event Coordinator")

Beacon.addAttributeWithKey("name", "Samantha Aoki");
Beacon.addAttributeWithKey("email", "");
Beacon.addAttributeWithKey("company", "Aoki Media");
Beacon.addAttributeWithKey("jobTitle", "Event Coordinator");
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Connect 50+ integrations or build your own

Pull in order history, CRM activity, custom properties, or other relevant information from one of our 50+ integrations. Or you can integrate your custom database by building a Custom App.

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