Level up your support with Plus

Wishing you had a better handle on customer trends and team organization as you scale? Plus has your back.

Custom Fields

Set fields to store custom data for customer conversations. Require fields to keep your reporting data squeaky clean and your team running smoothly with automation features.

Help Scout Plus plan - Custom Fields


Share the love (and workload) by delegating conversations to a group. Plus, you can get all Reporting metrics by Team just like you can for individual Users.

Help Scout Plus plan - Teams

Docs Knowledge Base

Docs keeps self-service classy with up to 5 customizable knowledge base sites that integrate with your help desk and run smoothly on any device.

Help Scout Plus plan - Docs

Salesforce Integration

Keep your sales and support teams totally in-sync. See relevant customer data from Salesforce, straight in your Help Scout customer profile pane, and view Help Scout conversation details in Salesforce.

Help Scout Plus plan - Salesforce

Jira Integration

Bridge the gap between the information stored in Jira and your customer support: users can link Jira issues to any conversation to keep all teammates on track and improve cross-team communication.

Help Scout Plus plan - Jira

Get more done with Plus

Help Scout Plus delivers all the features, including premium support. Let us help answer any questions you may have.