The Help Scout Guide to Crafting Culture

A guide for leaders and teams who want to build a positive, healthy workplace culture.

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Help Scout Guide to Crafting Culture - Hero

After reading this, you will:

  • Understand the role of values in shaping and nurturing a healthy workplace culture.

  • Have examples and insights from leaders who are engaged in the work of building a healthy culture for their team today.

  • Take away actionable practices and strategies to help craft and sustain a positive remote culture at your company.

Help Scout Guide to Crafting Culture - Inside ebook

Who should read this ebook?

Founders and company builders who want to build a culture that reflects core values and helps team members and the business grow and thrive.

People operations pros who are looking for tactics, practices, and first-hand experiences to help support their work shaping culture.

Customer service leaders seeking unique insights into building a healthy culture for customer service teams.

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