Foundations of Great Service

Class 3: Hiring the Team

A responsive, helpful, and well-supported customer service team can turn one-off purchasers into loyal customers. Finding the right people to do the job takes thoughtful preparation and planning.

In this video:

Learn the three critical elements of a customer service standard and see how Atlassian’s core values inform their service. You’ll be equipped with a set of questions to help you define your own standard, provided some useful examples to follow, and get a look inside the hiring process we use at Help Scout to hire our own customer service team.

Including emotional intelligence, problem solving, and more.

Customer service is a very broad title, and that can cause a lot of confusion in hiring.

Several job boards that will get your role in front of the people most likely to be qualified for it.

Practical advice on preparing for and running an interview that is worth the time for the applicant and the hiring team.

The three key steps that will get your latest recruit up to speed quickly.

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