Harness the power of AI
Boost productivity by 36%

AI shouldn’t replace support teams—it should unlock their superpowers. With your people’s know-how and our platform’s features, the team will be unstoppable.

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Supercharge your support team

We’re building tools that reduce resolution times, streamline repetitive work, and ultimately, create better customer interactions. Teams using our AI features resolve 36% more emails.

AI drafts

Draft a reply to any email in just one click. AI uses information from past conversations and help articles to generate on-brand responses that are ready to review, revise, and send.

AI answers

Get customers the info they need, instantly. AI answers is a 24/7 self-service assistant that taps into your knowledge base to answer customer questions.

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AI summarize

Condense long email threads into a few bullet points in a matter of seconds. Stop wasting time sifting through previous replies, and get the context you need with the click of a button.

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AI assist

Bring out the best in every reply. Expand fragmented thoughts, fix wordiness, translate into over a dozen languages, or adjust your tone of voice with AI.

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Real thoughts on artificial intelligence

Delivering More Customer Delight, Not More AI Hype
Delivering More Customer Delight, Not More AI Hype
8 Ways for Support Teams to Use the Time That AI Saves
8 Ways for Support Teams to Use the Time That AI Saves
Building Your AI Support Stack
Building Your AI Support Stack
We’ve Changed Our Minds About AI in Customer Service
We’ve Changed Our Minds About AI in Customer Service

The future is still

AI may be changing the world, but our founding belief is as true now as it was 13 years ago: Great customer support is great for business.

Delivering great support means putting your team and customers first. That’s why our platform will never be “AI-first.” We’re invested in AI tools that enhance the customer experience by helping teams craft better replies and answer common questions faster.

AI isn’t a magic wand for customer service.

Hype cycles breed empty promises. Despite the headlines, the people on your customer-facing teams have never been more critical to the success of your growing business. We build tools for those teams to do their best work, which means more than just adding AI.

It means making sure your team never misses an opportunity to deliver a personal touch when it matters most. Outsourcing those moments to AI may save a few bucks now, but it will cost you over time.

Doing right by the customer never goes out of style.

We’re not allowing ourselves to be biased by AI peer pressure. We’re more committed than ever to giving customers, and the teams who support them, our complete focus.

When new technology is progressing quickly, it’s important to work with a partner who values what you do. We believe customers will always come first. If you do too, you’ve come to the right place.

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