Introducing AI Assist for Better, Faster Responses

At Help Scout, we believe that AI won't replace the teams that talk with customers every day. Instead, it will help them work more efficiently, enhance their skills, and strengthen customer relationships. 

We’re making that future a reality, building AI features that improve resolution time, customer sentiment, and employee satisfaction. We’re committed to making it effortless so teams can experience the benefits of AI without having to learn the ins and outs of large language models. Our features are embedded in the Help Scout platform — no plugins and no copying and pasting — so users can tap into the power of AI with just one click.

In July, we released AI summarize. Today, we’re excited to launch another AI feature for Help Scout users: AI assist [Beta].

Meet AI assist 👋 Your personal writing assistant

Picture this: You're navigating your inbox, catching up on past threads, and prioritizing the questions that require your attention. You open a conversation and start composing your response. 

Now imagine having a virtual helping hand, quickly fine-tuning your text to ensure you strike the right chord — because you're not just answering questions; you're building customer relationships through every interaction.

With AI assist, your whole team can write better responses faster. It helps you:

  • Ensure every response is polished and on point.

  • Maintain consistent quality across your team. 

  • Help new team members sound like seasoned pros.

You get all of this with just a click of a button. Here’s what you can do with AI assist: 

1. Adjust the tone

Highlight a response you’ve written, and with a click of a button, AI assist will change the tone to be more professional or more friendly. Now your whole team can more easily stay consistent with your brand’s tone.

2. Adjust the length 

Sometimes your first draft can be wordy. Make your responses more succinct by selecting “make shorter.” Or, to save time, turn short sentences into a customer-ready email by choosing the “make longer” option.

3. Check your work 

Everyone makes mistakes — especially when trying to keep response times low. Use AI assist to catch any spelling and grammatical errors in your text.

4. Translate 

Need to translate your text into another language? No problem. Work that used to take minutes or hours can now get done in seconds. AI assist can translate your text into the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, Filipino, French, Korean, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

AI assist is available on all Help Scout plans, and it can help with every type of conversation you have in the inbox, whether that is via email, live chat, or social. It can also help you compose better content for Messages you display to customers on your website or in your app. 

AI assist is a part of our new editor experience. For customers who aren't using the new editor yet, opt in using the “Try the new editor” link in the upper right hand corner of your next reply. More details can be found here.

Note: Our AI features are currently in beta, meaning there may occasionally be some inaccuracy as we work to improve the quality. In order to provide your team with the most value in these features, we need your feedback. Please send your comments (positive and negative!) to 

We’re excited to continue bringing Help Scout users AI features that will help teams get through their inbox faster, write better responses, and ultimately build lasting customer relationships.

AI assist 🤝 Docs 

In addition to helping you write better responses to customers, you can also take advantage of AI assist functionality when creating help content for your knowledge base. Add an extra layer of polish to your help content and publish articles quicker with AI assist’s tone, length, and translation options.

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Interested in learning more about Help Scout’s methodology behind our AI features? Watch our webinar “Help Scout + AI = Better Customer Support” to get the inside scoop on what our team is up to. 

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