Product and engineering teams all over the world rely on Jira for their issue tracking and project management.

While the information in Jira is helpful, support teams need access to that information where they’re already working with customers to streamline communication and productivity.

With Help Scout’s Jira integration, we’re excited to bridge the gap between the information stored in Jira and your customer support. Now users can link Jira issues to any conversation to keep all teammates on track and improve cross-team communication.

How the Jira Integration Works

  • Access Jira issues in one click
  • View details of any Jira issue attached to a conversation, including Summary Title and Issue Type
  • Create a new Jira issue, including attachments
Jira sidebar in Help Scout Jira sidebar in Help Scout
Jira - link an issue from Help Scout Link an Issue to a conversationJira - link an issue from Help Scout Add a Jira Issue in Help ScoutJira - link an issue from Help Scout From Jira, you can link back to the specific conversation in Help Scout.

Never miss an opportunity to follow up with customers…

There’s also an optional feature to reactivate Help Scout conversations that are prime for follow-up: When linked issues are closed in Jira, the related conversations in Help Scout will automatically be made active again.

Activate Jira Conversations on completion

Why “productivity” is more than just a buzzword

Mat Patterson, Help Scout’s Customer Service Evangelist, explains how the time-saving, communication-boosting power of our Jira integration can even help you ship better features faster:

Mat Patterson

In a previous role, I led a global support team. We all knew that part of our job was to track occurrences of bugs and record feature requests into Jira, so our engineers were well informed.

We found that there was just too much friction and busy work in the process of copying information from the help desk and finding the right place in Jira to record it, and the team was skipping steps to prioritize helping the waiting customers.

We would have loved this kind of smart, quick, two-way Jira integration with our help desk. Every use saves a little bit of time and mental effort and prevents duplicated entries. For your product teams, it means a clearer picture of the customer experience and faster, smarter decisions about where to focus their effort.


For full instruction details, take a look at the Jira set-up guide.

Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.