Integrate AppFollow with Help Scout

Get user reviews and reply in real time without leaving Help Scout

Receive and respond to iOS, Android, and Amazon reviews without leaving Help Scout.

AppFollow saves you time by gathering reviews from the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store Amazon marketplace, and Amazon appstore in one place. With this integration, you can easily receive and respond to app and game reviews without leaving your Help Scout dashboard. You can choose what reviews to receive: all, positive, negative, in what language and in real time or in batches.

AppFollow helps your support routine and streamline workflows of teams that deal with app reviews.

AppFollow - Example of AppFollow with Help Scout Integration
Example of AppFollow with Help Scout Integration

Straight from Help Scout, you can now:

  • Receive app reviews as Help Scout conversations

  • Respond to reviews without leaving Help Scout

  • Monitor and respond to reviews on Amazon products

  • Choose what reviews to receive, in what language and how often

  • Track reviews updates and analyze your agents' efficiency in Help Scout

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