Integrate ChannelReply with Help Scout

Support Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy & more

Help all your ecommerce customers from Help Scout! ChannelReply lets you support Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market and Newegg customers on one screen. Plus, it shows everything you need to know about the customer’s order right next to each conversation, so you never need to leave Help Scout.

ChannelReply also goes beyond messaging. Build autoresponders, sync order info with Custom Fields, refund eBay returns and more. It’s better customer service in less time, with less effort.

01 Amazon Help Scout 01 2023
An Amazon message in Help Scout with ChannelReply on the right.
02 eBay Help Scout 01 2023
Replies to eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Newegg shoppers appear in marketplace messaging and count toward all SLAs.
03 Shopify Help Scout 01 2023
A two-way Shopify conversation with ChannelReply data in custom fields.
04 Etsy Help Scout 01 2023
Etsy is the only marketplace that does not accept external replies. Most responses can be delivered to the customer’s email address, though!


  • Pulls Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market & Newegg messaging into Help Scout

  • Displays buyer and order data next to each conversation

  • Sends marketplace info to Custom Fields

05 Walmart Help Scout 01 2023
A Walmart ticket with order info including Tracking ID and Shipping Carrier.
06 Back Market Help Scout 01 2023
Most Back Market support is handled by CCBM agents. Your responses to Back Market tickets go directly to the agents supporting your customers.
07 Newegg Help Scout 01 2023
A threaded conversation with a Newegg customer.
08 Amazon Help Scout Mobile Screenshot 01 2023
The Help Scout mobile app lets you view ChannelReply custom fields and answer marketplace messages.

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