Integrate CloudTalk with Help Scout

Keep your customer details and caller history in one place

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system. By integrating CloudTalk and Help Scout, your support and sales teams will be able to sync their call flows directly with your Help Scout mailbox. With all call information available in Help Scout, you can be sure that your agents won’t lose important parts of communication with your customers.

This integration will give you access to all call history data and call recordings within Help Scout without having to open multiple systems. If you make or receive a call (including missed calls and voicemails), it will be instantly sent to Help Scout. In addition, all conversations will be synced with CloudTalk so your team will be kept up-to-date.

CloudTalk - Help Scout - CloudTalk integration
Example of a Help Scout conversation with CloudTalk


  • Automatically provides a two-way sync to keep all customer details and communication up-to-date in both platforms

  • Imports all customer records from Help Scout to CloudTalk

  • Allows you to create or update Help Scout conversations during calls

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