Integrate Numerics with Help Scout

Dashboard app for decision makers

Unlock the power of Help Scout data with real-time dashboards.

Numerics is Cynapse's business dashboard app that integrates with Help Scout to track & communicate your KPIs. It lets you combine business metrics from Help Scout, Hubspot, Jira, Google Sheets & a variety of tools in your tech stack - into a unified customer support dashboard that is glanceable and easy to understand.

With Numerics, you never lose sight of how your help desk, knowledge base, and live chat are performing. Now focus on the KPIs that matter most and make data-driven decisions anywhere, every time!

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  • 147 ready-to-use Help Scout KPI templates to create dashboards in a few taps/clicks. No code required.

  • 100% native app. Direct device-to-Help Scout connections, processed entirely on-device, making it secure by design.

  • Stream your Help Scout customer support dashboards with other Numerics users & co-create dashboards with your team in real time.

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