Integrate OnePageCRM with Help Scout

Bring all your customer data together by syncing OnePageCRM to Help Scout

OnePageCRM is the first action-focused CRM in the world. It transforms a customer database into a dynamic Action Stream that resembles a simple to-do list. 

In the Action Stream, you can assign tasks and reminders with due dates next to every contact. This unique feature helps Customer Support teams deliver a hyper-personalized client experience and make the most of every customer interaction.

OnePageCRM - Help Scout - OnePageCRM integration
Example of a Help Scout conversation with OnePageCRM integration

The Help Scout & OnePageCRM integration lets you bring important customer data — phone number, tags, and deal history — right to your mailbox. By having a complete customer profile within Help Scout, you can reference both your conversations and crucial customer details from a single location.

By connecting your OnePageCRM account to Help Scout, you can also see Next Actions for each contact directly from Help Scout. 

In OnePageCRM, Next Actions are simple tasks or reminders. For example, “send a brochure”, “follow up with an email”, “schedule a demo”, and so on. Next Actions help you stay focused and make sure that every customer gets a great service experience. 

By connecting Help Scout to OnePageCRM, rest assured there’s no need for an extra tool just for reminders and tasks. When the time comes to follow up or reconnect with your client, OnePageCRM will remind you. 

With this unique Next Action method, you will always know what to do next, and customer conversations won’t be kept pending and cluttering your Help Scout inbox.

Do more with OnePageCRM and Help Scout

  • Increase retention by delivering top customer service with a hyper-personalized experience.

  • Add new contacts to your CRM account from within Help Scout in one click.

  • Quickly link to open contacts in OnePageCRM.

  • Have all the crucial information about every customer on one page without the need to switch between tabs and applications.

  • View existing OnePageCRM contact details such as Next Action, tags, status, pending and recently won/lost deals, and custom fields.

  • Keep your Help Scout inbox clean using Next Actions as reminders to follow-up. 

  • Improve the collaboration between your sales and customer support teams.

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