Integrate PipelineDeals with Help Scout

View sales data and respond to customers from one platform

PipelineDeals is a web-based CRM that helps you track and organize your sales deals. Integrating PipelineDeals with Help Scout equips your team with relevant sales data, making it easy to understand where customers are in the pipeline when responding to inquiries.

With a PipelineDeals integration, you’ll no longer have to constantly toggle between two platforms for the full story on a customer. With customer status, pipeline stage, and lifetime value in the Help Scout Customer Profile pane, you’ll always be in position to provide the most informed and up-to-date responses to your customers.

PipelineDeals - Help Scout - PipelineDeals integration
Example of a Help Scout conversation with PipelineDeals

Straight from Help Scout, you can now:

  • See active deals and pipeline stages

  • Add the customer to PipelineDeals in one click

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