Integrate Plecto with Help Scout

Real-time dashboards

Plecto is a business performance platform combining KPI visualization, gamification and coaching tools in one powerful solution. By integrating with Plecto, your team is able to visualize all the important conversation data in real-time, including metrics such as conversation status and average reply time. Our prebuilt Help Scout Dashboard will enable you to start visualizing and taking action on your Help Scout KPIs in a matter of minutes.

What’s more, use Plecto’s gamification features to ignite healthy competition within your team. Create contests and set up achievements and notifications to recognize the great performance of your team.

Help scout plecto dashboard
Visualize your customer conversations data on real-time dashboards. Create custom dashboards that are tailored to your team’s KPIs.
plecto contests
Spark healthy competition and drive motivation with Plecto’s gamification features. Create contests, and set up achievements and notifications to reward the hard work of your team.
Plecto reporting
Save time with Plecto’s automated report feature. Automate, schedule and get a full overview of your business in real-time.

Why integrate with Plecto?

  • Visualize Help Scout conversations on real-time dashboards

  • Make actionable decisions based on real-time data

  • Create healthy competition with our gamification features

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