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Integrate Uncanny Automator with Help Scout

Connect WordPress to Help Scout

Connect your WordPress plugins and sites to Help Scout to automate your support workflows. In minutes, build simple no-code automations that can create or update Help Scout conversations. Or build automations that make things happen in WordPress based on conversations, tags or ratings in Help Scout.

With Uncanny Automator, connect Help Scout to over 100 plugins and apps. Perhaps a WooCommerce payment failure creates a Help Scout conversation, a positive satisfaction rating notifies a Slack channel or a Help Scout reply creates a BuddyBoss notification. With Uncanny Automator, it's easy to create advanced help desk automations.

Help Scout automation for SMS and WhatsApp notification
Help Scout automation for SMS and WhatsApp notification
Connect WooCommerct to Help Scout
Connect WooCommerce to Help Scout
Connect Help Scout Ratings to Uncanny Automator
Connect Help Scout Ratings to Uncanny automator


  • Connect Help Scout to WordPress plugins

  • Build no-code automations to manage support workflows

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