Customer Service

Interview Builder

Level up your next hiring round by selecting from our targeted customer service questions, editing and ordering them, and downloading them as a PDF.

About the job

  • In this section, include information about your business and how it operates. Consider including: company size, mission, history, and products.  
  • Give a high-level overview of the role and why it matters in your business.

Sample text:

COMPANY NAME is a remote-first company, with 180 employees working from 80+ cities all over the world. Our mission is TO DO WHAT WE DO. Founded in YEAR, we serve Z customers globally.

Our customer support engineers spend about a quarter of their time working on escalated tickets from our primary support team. When not working directly with customers, they are responsible for building out internal functionality for our support team and working on the product directly to fix bugs and implement new features.

Key responsibilities

  • Provide a summary of what the person should expect to do when coming into the role.
  • Describe the anticipated scope of work.
  • Mention specific tasks that differentiate this role from other roles in support.

Sample text:

As part of this role, you should expect these responsibilities to be a part of your day-to-day:

  • Handling technical inquiries related to improperly constructed HTML or CSS, websites, or other technical issues with our internal product.
  • Working with users that want to use or provide feedback on our API.
  • Partnering with our engineering team to debug issues and solve tricky bugs.
  • Helping vet and implement new tools to assist the support team in easier, more supported troubleshooting.
  • Working closely with product and engineering teams to prioritize and work on customer solutions.
  • Training team members on how to resolve technical issues.
  • Programming work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript on internal tools.

Skills and qualifications

  • Alternate titles include “You’d Be Great If…” and “Our Ideal Candidate…”
  • This list should help people judge their own skills against the role’s requirements
  • Only list skills that are crucial, if something is “nice to have” include it in a separate section
  • Take the opportunity to sell the role to potential applicants

Sample text:

  • You enjoy empowering users with the knowledge to do things for themselves in the future, not just fixing things for them.
  • You’re an A+ listener and communicator — you can synthesize feedback and be the customer’s voice to help your teammates become better marketers, designers, builders, and more.
  • You’re eager to spend your days speaking with customers on the phone, via email, and through chat.
  • You’re comfortable being uncomfortable and figuring things out on the fly.
  • You’re driven and goal-oriented. It can be challenging to stay focused with so much freedom and autonomy, but you’re great at striving toward the prize.
  • You have 2+ years of relevant solutions/sales/support engineering experience for a cloud-based software company.
  • You’re technically astute and have a strong foundational understanding of web frameworks (i.e., React, Angular, etc.), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and debugging tools (i.e., chrome dev tools).
  • You love collaboration. You specifically love working with support team members and teams outside of support to do what’s right for the company and the customer.

Additional sections to consider

  • Benefits that are included with the position.
  • Salary details.
  • Information about the company and the team itself, such as the company culture or mission statement. 
  • Glassdoor ratings.
  • Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Perks of working for the company.
  • Information about the company’s fiscal stability — for instance, did you just get a round of funding?
  • What the interview process will look like.
  • Where candidates can find you on social media or contact you with other questions.
  • Partners with whom your customer support team works closely. 
  • Testimonials from employees or customers.

Sample text:


  • Salary range $X to $Y dependent on skills and experience 
  • Flexible vacation, a minimum of 20 days per year
  • 12 weeks of paid parental leave, including adoption and foster care 
  • 401k with 1% match
  • $1,000 annual professional development stipend


  • We’re remote first.
  • We’re a certified B Corporation.