Today we launched two big Docs improvements and are pleased as punch to tell you about them.

All Articles folder and search

Until now, it's been difficult to find an article you need to edit, because you first have to click on the correct category folder. You won't have to do that moving forward, thanks to the All Articles folder. It lists everything in the collection and includes a handy search bar to quickly pull up what you need.

All Articles

New options and design updates for Sites

We've learned a lot about what you want from public websites now that Docs has been in the wild for a few months. Here's what's new:


Each and every Site, Collection and Category now has an optional description field. If you fill something in, the description will be shown in an appropriate spot on the website. In each case, the idea is to give visitors more context regarding where they are and what they are looking at.

Site Description Example of the site description in action

Home page layout options

The default behavior for all Docs sites is to show the most popular articles on the home page. If you have multiple collections, we show up to 10 of the most popular articles for each collection on the home page.

Today we're introducing another home page option called Categories. Instead of listing the most popular articles, the website lists all the categories, complete with descriptions if you have them. This should provide some really nice flexibility so that you can further customize the look and feel of the home page. To change this setting, see the "Site Information" section of Docs Settings.


Updated single Collection home page layout

As you can see in the above screenshots, the home page has been updated for websites with a single collection. We've added the big search bar on top and show the content a bit differently. There aren't any big functional improvements here, we just think it looks a lot better. :-)

Happy Monday!

Nick Francis

Nick Francis

Nick is co-founder and CEO of Help Scout, where he is on a mission to make every customer service interaction a more human one. He lives and breathes product design, customer experience, and building a thoughtful, thriving company.